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Mindfulness coaching and self healing 

 Mindfulness is a very simple concept.


Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally. This increases awareness, clarity and acceptance of our present-moment reality.

Mindfulness does not conflict with any beliefs or tradition, religious, cultural or scientific. It is simply a practical way to notice thoughts, physical sensations, sights, sounds, smells - anything we might not normally notice. The actual skills might be simple, but because it is so different to how our minds normally behave, it takes a lot of practice.

 Animals and young children are very good at being mindful, in this present moment.  I might go out into the garden and as I look around, I think "that grass really needs cutting, and that vegetable patch looks very untidy". Children on the other hand, will notice the ants or other crawlies.

Mindfulness can simply be noticing what we don't normally notice, because our heads are too busy in the future or in the past - thinking about what we need to do, or going over what we have done.

Being mindful helps us to train our attention. Our minds wander about 50% of the time, but every time we practise being mindful, we are exercising our attention "muscle" and becoming mentally fitter. We can take more control over our focus of attention, and choose what we focus on...rather than passively allowing our attention to be dominated by that which distresses us and takes us away from the present moment.

Mindfulness might simply be described as choosing and learning to control our focus of attention, and being open, curious and flexible. We can use it in our daily lives as well as helping to cope with challenging experiences and feelings.

£50 per hour by skype or personal consultation 

Instinctive and self healing is common place and is constantly occurring throughout human dynamics; a parent soothing a baby by a gentle kiss or a rub to make it better, holding a sick person’s hand, or body language that comes from an inner reaction to place a hand on someone as a measure of kindness or understanding. All of these are examples of behavioural responses which is picked up at an intuitive or vibrational level that we don't really understand - but what we do know is that it soothes.


Healing generally is extremely relaxing and can also improve and provide relief from various physical symptoms and disease.


​A healing session usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour including a full consultation. 

£25 per thirty minutes (daytime session), travel costs apply * Weekend and evening appointments are available at a cost of £30 per thirty minutes

Free of charge healing and bereavement counselling


The philosophy of giving freely is a core part of vibefullife. Therefore we have chosen to offer free healing and counselling to people and their families with life limiting illnesses or for people who are at the end of life. Bereavement Counselling is also available for people who are experiencing the loss of a loved one.


​This is a gift for people who are near death or in pain. Pain can be alleviated through deep relaxation; and counselling can help to prepare the individual for the dying process and provide a deeper spiritual understanding. 


The acknowledgement of death is key to human existence. Heidegger stated that "Dying is not an event, but it is a phenomenon to be understood existentially." Sensitive spiritual care involves a respectful inquiry about the individual’s belief system, past experiences, and current spiritual needs. Working with people who are coming to terms with their own death or a loved ones includes a thoughtful investigation of the individuals religious traditions, personal development, and memories to achieve reconciliation and a sense of peace going into and through the end of life process. It can help the person to reduce anxiety by helping them name their fears and concerns, and by providing an opportunity to speak about them openly, and by extending validation and support.


Processing the meaning of death in a purposeful way allows the individual to gain a sense of personal significance, or an idea of where and how he or she belongs to a larger human story, whether in one’s immediate family, or in the larger community. They have the opportunity to discover and articulate through various methods, their sense of meaning, significance, and hope by giving them the opportunity to discuss their dying process in specific terms, such as forgiveness, reconciliation, acceptance, and their relationship with humanity and the universe as a whole. Therefore this ensures that the most existentially important aspects of the person’s care are being satisfied.

A variety of techniques can be used as a way of coming to terms with concerns such as guided imagery and meditation, creative expression therapy, breathing exercises, intuitive healing and talking therapies.


​Call 07979707755 or email to arrange a session for yourself or a family member.