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ADHD a fraud?

This is a really important article. Not because of the comments about ADHD, but more because of how mental illness is labelled from a psychiatry point of view. The example that more teenagers are being diagnosed with anxiety disorder is relevant to my point, isn't teenage angst part of being a teenager and always has been? There are normal pressures on teenagers to adjust into a new phase of life with raging hormones, but its likely that anxiety is exacerbated with the trend of parents pushing their kids to achieve more (more clubs, more activities, extra tuition for advancement) which can promote a fear of failure and sometimes self sabotage. Clinicians could look more closely at the causal factors rather than just the symptoms when making a diagnosis. Working to remove the cause can take away the symptom.

I don't agree with anyone having to be defined by a mental illness label (and taking medication) when it doesn't really apply to them.

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