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Coping strategies for pandemic fatigue

We gain energy from being in the world and having an active life. A recent UCL study showed that more than 70 000 people in the UK are now exercising less and working more. People are losing the coping strategies that they had during the first lockdown like learning new things, trying to keep fit and exploring new hobbies. Pandemic fatigue is hitting many due to the strain of not being able to see friends and relatives. Feeling drained, exhausted and completely demotivated is normal when things are uncertain.

Key strategies to help with pandemic fatigue are:

* create some boundaries about finishing work - distance yourself mentally and physically

* try not to compare life before the pandemic - it can make everything feel a whole lot worse

* have a health reset - eating badly and not exercising makes the body feel less energetic

* try to commit to one small goal each day - achieving something gives you a boost

* add in some personal quiet time - stretching, listening to music or an audio book can help you tune in to something else enhancing creative thinking


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