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The mirror and perspective

I love this mirror in my new therapy space at Melton Wellness House. Not only do I love anything round because it reminds me of planets, orbits and the cyclical aspects of nature, I love it because it shows us that what we perceive might not be accurate. In the mirror my legs don’t look attached properly to my body.

Mirrors do not give us the full perspective, they often contain little flaws in the glass or are warped. We can’t see around to view what’s behind. Mirrors contain a flat image of something that is actually 3 dimensional.

Whilst it might be quite a ‘realistic’ depiction of a subject at any given time, it can never be fully relied upon. It is only one view. With the image of the photo we can also add in the view of the camera lens which will add on another perspective - viewing me through a lens and then a mirror, providing two potential layers of distortion.

Here’s a little psychology game:

Stare at yourself in a mirror for around ten minutes. Spend the time meditating mindfully upon yourself as an object. What do you start to see? Do you see an image of yourself or something more? Do you start to see you with thoughts and emotions reflected back at you? Maybe you see any worries or concerns in your eyes. Maybe you see elements of you that you don’t always recognise like confidence, courage and self belief? Talk to yourself and tell you what you would like to develop or let go of. Make a commitment to you in the mirror if it feels meaningful.

Try it and see if this brings any unusual insights.


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