Therapy and Counselling


Specialisms include existential (life) crisis and ontological (self) insecurity, somatic and dissociative conditions, chronic pain and fatigue, historical and developmental trauma, complex grief, end of life situations, death anxiety, social anxiety and general anxiety disorders.

Other areas: abuse, negative and challenging behaviours, communication, depression, eating disorders, emotions, goals, motivation, self esteem, OCD, phobias, relationships and couples, self harm, shame and self criticism, stress, substance misuse, unhelpful thinking styles.


Counselling gives you impartial support through a crisis or challenging times that you may find hard to resolve alone, or with family and friends.


Therapy helps you make sense of repetitive negative thoughts, feelings and experiences and develop a more positive relationship with yourself and others to achieve the life you want. 

Life Skills Mentoring helps you develop skills to cope and manage stress, anger, anxiety confidence, relaxation, assertiveness, goal identification and positive action planning.


Sessions can take place in person or via skype and is not prescriptive so meets the personal needs of the individual.

The duration of sessions varies dependent on client preference, but I usually suggest 90 minutes to achieve maximum results. 


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