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​Tel: 07979707755​

're:mind' is a unique therapeutic modality that I have created over years of research and development. 

Together, using the re:mind programme we will go on a journey that will reveal the foundation of your emotional life, where the deepest and sincerest feelings are situated and where you are most susceptible to pain. We will uncover your essential qualities - the distinguishing, unique, and characteristic focal point of YOU!

're:mind' can be practised by anyone - we go at your pace and use Therapeutic methods suitable for your whole wellbeing. re;mind is NOT a prescriptive programme. We are all individuals with a different disposition - your mood, mental state, or frame of mind is not the same as someone else's. Once you have found YOU! you will feel more at ease, have more courage and determination; more compassion and empathy; and the ability to feel affection, admiration and love for all that is.

The Heart Flow Programme contains 5 key sections:


* Understanding what your truth and integrity is and how to be authentic

* What you need to do to heal and how to do it

* How to face your fears and transit from your old YOU! into your new YOU!


* Being enthusiastic and finding love in YOU!

* Goal setting and committing to YOU!

* Manifesting what you need from YOU!


* Letting go of the old YOU!

* Building a framework for positive change

* Opening to mindfulness and self awareness

* Reaching out to help others


* Increase self esteem and building confidence in YOU!

* Choosing, risking and experimenting

* Communicating needs and values


* Awakening your Intuition

*Stepping completely into your truth as a lifestyle

* Walking the talk

* Understanding your own sense of freedom and living life to the fullest

re:mind encompasses a wide range of healing techniques dependant on meeting the personal needs of the individual. Sessions can take place in person or via skype.

£50 per hour (daytime) (with free 30 minutes initial consultation)

The duration of sessions varies dependent on client preference, but I usually suggest 90 minutes to achieve maximum results. 


Book 5 follow up daytime sessions and receive a 10% discount

* Weekend and evening appointments are available at £60 per hour. Please contact me to arrange.

re:mind Therapy and Counselling