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Astrology for individuals and business

Personal Astrology supports your self development as an individual covering all aspects of your life. The techniques and methods that I use have taken years of development and I am thrilled to be able to share it with the world.

I can consult on all areas of the past, present and the future forecasting, on any relationship, current or past life event, career issue and in any location - there is no limitation on what questions you may want to ask. 

I am a contemporary Astrologer and use Asteroids, Trans Neptunian Objects and Fixed Stars as well as the traditional local Planetary methods of Astrology, to interpret Natal, Forecasting, Relationship and Relocational Astrology. 

No knowledge of Astrology is required however, to have a consultation. Every person is different so there isn't a prescriptive formula however, as a guideline, most consultations are at least one and half to two hours long with all the preparatory work being done in advance of the consultation. Notes will be provided and I encourage clients to record the consultation on their phones as most mobiles have this facility.

Consultations are priced from £160. 

Astrology can improve your Profits

Business Astrology gives you an advantage over your rivals because you will know when to be prepared for the challenges ahead or when to maximise the taking of opportunities.
How does it work?

Businesses are seen as entities in themselves in Astrology, and therefore a chart is plotted based on the business incorporation date or the start of trading. Sometimes the owner or directors charts can be analysed in parallel to analyse their key input to a business forecast.

Areas that can be investigated:

  • Profitability

  • Expansion

  • Advertising and Promotion

  • Relationships/ HR/Partnerships/Recruitment

  • Challenges

  • Cycles and Planning

  • Key dates - meetings/product launches/pitches                                               Business and Corporate Analysis from £240

Emailed Awakening Reports: £30 each - Based upon Egyptian Fixed Star and Karmic Astrology these individual reports describe your ultimate opportunities for growth and success in this life.

Part 1 - Your Awakened Purpose


Your soul's evolution, growth and transformation

How to create your own awakened future

The general theme of your life

The gifts that the universe has given you to give to others

Your Youth, Middle age and Later years journey

How you will be remembered in this life

Part 2 - Your Sleeping State

If you find yourself trapped and held back in life and repeating negative patterns then this report can help you. As souls we all enter this life with karmic challenges. Your Sleeping State report outlines your life lessons and why they are important for your growth. Becoming conscious of your challenges in this life helps you to awaken to them, cleanse and move forward. Knowledge is power and this power will help you to awaken your soul so that you can step onto your ultimate calling:

- Your qualities to integrate and lessons to learn

- Type of behaviour when you choose not to Awaken

- How it manifests on a physical level

- How to come out of your sleep state

- Experiential effects when starting to Awaken

- What holds you back from Awakening

- Your Spiritual Path to Awakening

Part 3 - How To Awaken

This report highlights what your unique gifts and talents are and highlights practical routes that are right for you to fulfill your ultimate potential. It sets out the best path to success for you, based upon who you are: 

Your key to emotional security

How to channel and integrate your self expression and power

How to achieve self worth

Where to use your intelligence and creativity

How to have good relationships

Where your focus and commitment should lie

Past Life Report

To understand the past is to understand the moment...

A Past Lives Report is suitable for those who ask, "Why am I here and what are my life lessons?" By understanding your Past Lives, and how this has conditioned the current state within your life  - lessons are presented which can allow awareness and ultimately growth.

Most of us automatically gravitate to the path of least resistance. We often have unconscious psychological emotional security needs that drive us to approach life in exactly the same way over and over again. These areas may be the stumbling blocks to individual development.

Depending on your beliefs, karmic events will occur in one way or another. This is either through catastrophic events to force necessary changes or through slow progressions that reflect correct choices that must be made. By confronting, understanding and addressing these issues that we must learn, we can start to accept instead of resist and a positive transformation can take place.

Key areas of exploration:

* Your Past Lives

* Past life issues and your lessons to learn

* Types of residual past life behaviour

* How your past life karma is affecting your physical body

* How to integrate your life lessons

* How to heal past life karma

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