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Existential crisis - a wake up call

Existential crises are a particularly challenging natural occurrence in which we wake up and see the world or life in a different way. Triggers can be anything from a severe loss like a bereavement or divorce or a simple realisation that something cannot go on in the way it has been anymore, like needing to change career path.

This can happen at any moment in life but there will always be a connection with needing something different from life. An existential crisis is always a wake up call to change something, and very often connects with specific time, timely events and/or lifespan.

Luckily there is expert help available. Existential psychotherapists are well versed in understanding these dilemmas and have deep philosophical underpinnings within their training that grapples with these sorts of life crises. Instead of feeling like life has been turned upside down you can choose to concentrate on looking at your own situation in a calm way and feel more in control and able to be fully autonomous engaging with life fully again.


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