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Insights from writing and creating

Captured on camera in the middle of thinking and writing.

There is something so special about the human ability to have thoughts, be imaginative and have time to write or create freely however you choose. I encourage this with clients all the time as the insights gained can be so enlightening and illuminating.

There are no thought police when you think or create for yourself, and there are no power ranks or hierarchies. In your own private journals, sketchbooks or diaries you are free. No emotion is forbidden, every thought and word can be constructed and deconstructed to be what you want. You can try to understand, play and work with your own thinking in your own way.

Regardless of whether your thoughts are positive, negative or somewhere in-between, the act of expression and ability to see your thoughts in a different way has immense value because you are perceiving them differently. Your subjectivity becomes more objective and takes on a different form. Instead of being a mental property they become something physical.


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