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Complicit family members in abusive situations

I’ve just finished this book by the fabulous Stella Duffy featuring amongst many topics the subject of domestic abuse. It’s a page turner! (I won’t give too many spoilers away in case you want to read it.)

I’ve come across so many people whose family members turned a blind eye to abuse that was occurring within the family unit. This refusal to intervene makes them complicit to others actions and maintains behaviours which causes significant emotional and psychological damage to the child or adult victim. This can lead to personality and self identity issues, PTSD, C-PTSD, dissociation, problems with self worth and the ability to form relationships, and lastly neophobia.

If you know abuse is occurring in your circle, ask yourself why you are choosing to ignore it. What are your own secondary gains? What purpose is it serving you to allow another person to be harmed? - especially a child who has no autonomy or understanding of how to make it stop. Seek help, turning a blind eye may mean that you are also victim yourself.

The bottom line - IT STOPS HERE.


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