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Laughter in an era of struggle and loss

On some level many of us have been thrown into an era of struggle and loss and trying to hold on. The seriousness of it all has meant that laughter might not have featured as much as it usually would.

Taking part in activities that are enjoyable and pleasurable helps us to feel like we have a full life. With restrictions we may feel weaker, like life is giving us less. We are going through a collective grief.

When the right time is to take a new lighter perspective is a very personal choice. Some feel the need to be cautious and not offend - some have been poking fun and generating comedy moments since the beginning of the pandemic.

In grief there are many judgements made about when is an appropriate time to go out, laugh and start to enjoy life again as though it is disrespectful to those who are still suffering, or will cause offence

. Everyone has different needs at different times. As individuals there is no right or wrong. Laughing in the face of adversity helps the healing process. It can lighten the load and be transformative. Not only that, laughter is as infectious as the virus... (bad joke but I’ve never been good at telling jokes).


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